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May 22 2018

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April 02 2018

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Wan Qian as Empress Fu Shou in 三国机密 - Secret of the Three Kingdoms

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Ai Weiwei

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Chimmy wants a treat.

[단독] 방탄 진 ♥ 방탄 RM, 1년째 열애중


180401 Jimin’s Tweet




(T/N: Jimin created a fake article, with the title ‘[Exclusive] BTS Jin ♥ BTS RM, (have been) madly in love for 1 year’)


Article Translation:
Another top star couple have been revealed, right? Top star BTS Jin-ssi and Hallyu star BTS RM-ssi have confirmed the rumours about their romance. It has been a year since they started dating.

If you click on the article a pop-up will appear, saying: ‘Got cha! This is daum search’s event for April Fools.’


Trans cr; Soren & Denise @ bts-trans

March 21 2018


casual fan? no sorry i only know how to invest my whole livelihood into something and spend every waking moment thinking about said thing

March 20 2018

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King of being aware of his beauty

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甜蜜暴击 / Sweet Combat coming 2018!

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cr. splendid time | DO NOT MODIFY.

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Traditional Chinese hanfu by  三火·Yvan

February 09 2018

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j-hope boy meets 1 verse kungfu/dance mashup by yours truly

February 07 2018

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Writing a CV:

Writing a Cover Letter:



What job can I do?



Redundancy /Job Loss:

At work:

February 04 2018

FRAME BY FRAME - All References in the MIC DROP Fan Video by Kiera and Arwen (with pictures and links)


First of all, go follow @seiyoko and @salukiart, they are amazing artists, animators, and creators!

If I missed any references, please message me and I will add them in!


The opening line of Dope - 0:13


February 02 2018

[pann] To you who likes BTS, and to you who hates BTS


[editor’s note: I stumbled across this post when it had just one comment and it really reached out to me. I was hoping more people would see it and upvote, and get to read more about the impact BTS can truly have on someone. I think this post touches on a lot of thoughts I’ve had after I’ve become a BTS fan as well. Hopefully it’ll resonate with you too. The writing style of the author is also much more poetic than your average pann post and I really enjoyed translating it.]

I am a thirty year old—no, in a few days, a woman who will be thirty-one.

And up until the beginning of this year I didn’t know that a singer [artist] called ‘BTS’ existed. After the first year of middle school I lived a life that had no interest in idols.

In high school when my friends would cheer on TVXQ [DBSK] I stared at them pitifully thinking ‘Aigo those immature kids’ and I thought of myself proudly for not being swayed by that sort of atmosphere.

Whenever I listened to music on the top charts on streaming services I would skip any songs that seemed to be sung by idols. Even if I don’t listen to it, it’s obvious [as to what it would sound like]. What sort of expectation would I have of their musical and singing abilities from kids who seems to be printed from a factory. I hated, to the point of having goosebumps, young boys with makeup and color lenses on, acting as if their looks were fatal, so I’ve never even seen anything like a music show.

BTS’ main fanbase has got to be those in their 10’s and 20’s. And I have passed that period as well.


February 01 2018

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