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June 26 2017

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Luo Luo and her unwavering faith and trust in Chang Sheng.

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170625 设计狮刘小姿 Weibo update (½) #huangzitao #zitao #tao

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I always wonder why bookstores don’t have the full set???

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tag ya damn self

North Carolina (yes those are red hotdogs and yes that is coleslaw)

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En muista tota lehtee 😮

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Lava frozen during an eruption

June 24 2017

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June 22 2017

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(TRANS) Humorous replies to a question on a forum: How do straight men rate Yixing’s attractiveness?

(T/N: Please take with pinch of salt!)

1) A boy in my study group, born in 1989, he has a long-term girlfriend, a straight man who couldn’t be straighter. When he found out that I liked Zhang Yixing, he told me that Yixing was really too beautiful in LJM, so pretty that he didn’t dare think too much about it or he might have a different sexual orientation. So Little Yixing’s looks so fit with a straight man’s tastes too.

2) Anonymous, because it’s too embarrassing.
My husband, an old man of over 40 years old. Recently, ever since our TV had the bilibili site installed, and I watched a Zhang Yixing video compilation, the TV no longer belongs to me. Even I’m going to be sick from watching that same video, but my husband keeps watching it again and again, whilst holding our child. I now want to think of some way so that he’ll stop watching it. He doesn’t even cook for me anymore, every weekend he watches compilations of him being doted on. I even suspect he’s gay, he even went onto taobao (T/N: the Amazon website of China) to buy his album. An old man who only ever knows how to go on to buy toilet paper and hand soap, actually bought an album?!?!

3) I’m a super straight guy, but every time I see Zhang Yixing the corners of my mouth can’t help but be drawn upwards. Sheep boy is just someone who makes you smile when you see him

4) My 4th uncle, he’s over 30 years old
He usually doesn’t care about the entertainment circle
One day, he sent me a meme saying, isn’t this Little Yixing?
I said yeah how do you know him?
He said Er Yue Hong, Er Ye, of course I know him
He even said, I can’t find memes of him, I’m really unhappy about that
I sent him lots of memes and didn’t think he’d use them! I didn’t expect that he’s using them all, and even calls him Little Yixing hahaha

5) A male friend posted (with that photo of shirtless Yixing’s back):
Today’s wind is a little noisy, it’s blowing so strongly that my antenna has exploded


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汉服小萝莉 婵宝宝

Girl in traditional Chinese Hanfu - type: Aoqun/袄裙.

June 14 2017

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet~


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(excuse the ugly banner)

hi~ does anyone remember me? hehe

well anyway, i’ve been wanting to do a giveaway since reaching 1k, but never got around to doing so because i’m poor. then i had a hiatus and now i want to make a grand comeback haha even tho i’m still poor

this giveaway will consist of cute merch i got from the promise concert in beijing~~ and will all go to 1 winner

  • photobook
  • mouse pad
  • fan
  • postcards
  • envelope of photocards
  • t-shirt (not pictured because i didn’t want to take it out of the bag)

giveaway ends: august, 31

(p.s, you can check out my youtube for eng subs and covers, and my ig for food pics haha)


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do not delete the caption

  • must be following me (but if you’re just going to unfollow afterward, don’t bother)
  • can reblog with side blog, but just let me know in the tags
  • reblogs and likes count (reblog as much as you like~)
  • will ship internationally
  • winner will be chosen randomly
  • winner must reply within 48 hours and must be 18&over, or with guardian’s permission
  • giveaway post must reach 500 notes
  • yay ok that’s it, my 1st giveaway, have fun~

June 02 2017

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Makeup, hair, and fashion styles of four dynasties from Chinese history, by 弥秋君. The simplicity of the Han, luxury of the Tang, delicacy of the Song, and elegance of the Ming. Which is your favorite?

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Godfrey Gao for Jmen  Magazine

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[Z.TAO Promise Asia Tour in Macau] the King of CPOP never chilling

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Baekhyun for Popteen Magazine July 2017 (2)

May 24 2017

May 22 2017

May 21 2017

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