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August 27 2017

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the chogiwa will never die

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love yourself~ with some lovely phone cases here

July 19 2017

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Liu Yifei and Yang Yang for the Chinese fantasy movie Once Upon A Time 

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EXOCOMEBACK®️ 2017 insp


One of the distinctive features of Old Norse poetry is the use of kenning: a circumlocutory device in which a straightforward noun is replaced with an allusive phrase.

For example, a ship might be referred to as a “wave’s horse”; a sword, a “wound-serpent”; a shield, “the shame of swords”, and so forth. Sometimes, kennings could be embedded in other kennings - thus, one might have “feeder of war-gulls” = “feeder of ravens” = “warrior”; this is known as a doubled or extended kenning.

Though many conventions of English literature can be traced back to Old Norse roots, kenning isn’t much encountered these days - at least, not in most genres. There’s one particular genre where the art of kenning is alive and well, though.

I’m speaking, of course, of erotic fanfic.

Whether you’re referring to a penis as a “pork-truncheon” or a vagina as a “squish-pocket” (both examples I’ve seen employed in all apparent seriousness, incidentally), that perfectly fits the form and function of a kenning. Indeed, these examples even adhere to the idiosyncratic grammatical structure of many Old Norse kennings, with the base word being modified by an uninflected noun determinant inserted as a compound prefix.

Euphemisms for sex acts, meanwhile, can be even more baroque, forming multi-level allusions in the manner of doubled/extended kennings. “To ride the baloney pony”, for example, employs the act of riding a horse as an allusion to penetrative sexual intercourse - but the contained phrase “baloney pony” is, itself, a kenning of the simple type, with “pony” as the base word and “baloney” as the determinant, making the whole phrase a doubled kenning.

There are practical reasons for this sort of practice, of course; e.g., complex euphemisms can help sexually explicit works sneak through content filters. Still, it’s kind of fascinating that smutty fanfic has managed to preserve - in virtually unaltered state - a poetic form that’s otherwise been largely extinct in English literature for the better part of a thousand years.

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❝ Hello! We are B.A.P yes sir! ❞


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Sorry I look like trash… I might delete this and put better ones up… but here’s the bias selfie tag! Haha I couldn’t pick biases, so… I killed 2 birds with one stone with that photo of Jiro and Godfrey. (Also bonus photo from FOREVER AGO…)

Tagged by the lovely: @suhos-lotto

Tagging: @lucky-suho @biiloved @xiao-dan @linggluu (i forget how many people we have to tag)


June 27 2017

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this is literally my favourite thing ever 

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quiet summer

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Godfrey Gao for #myotherhome poster!

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predebut chinaline

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(excuse the ugly banner)

hi~ does anyone remember me? hehe

well anyway, i’ve been wanting to do a giveaway since reaching 1k, but never got around to doing so because i’m poor. then i had a hiatus and now i want to make a grand comeback haha even tho i’m still poor

this giveaway will consist of cute merch i got from the promise concert in beijing~~ and will all go to 1 winner

  • photobook
  • mouse pad
  • fan
  • postcards
  • envelope of photocards
  • t-shirt (not pictured because i didn’t want to take it out of the bag)

giveaway ends: august, 31

(p.s, you can check out my youtube for eng subs and covers, and my ig for food pics haha)



June 26 2017

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Luo Luo and her unwavering faith and trust in Chang Sheng.

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170625 设计狮刘小姿 Weibo update (½) #huangzitao #zitao #tao

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I always wonder why bookstores don’t have the full set???

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tag ya damn self

North Carolina (yes those are red hotdogs and yes that is coleslaw)

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En muista tota lehtee 😮

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